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Advantages of condo life

Now more than ever, we are spending more time in our surrounding communities. This has us inspired to look at the benefits and simplicity of condo living on Central Vancouver Island, and consider what we truly value when it comes to the communities in which we reside.

Central Vancouver Island provides a unique opportunity with its city amenities, yet small-town vibes. The mild climate and proximity to hiking, beaches and many other recreational activities give one the perfect work-life balance. Not to mention the central location provides quick connectivity to major cities such as Vancouver and Victoria as well as Tofino and the scenic North Island.

Benefits of Condo Living

Condo living offers the best of both worlds. Homeownership without the worry or burden of maintenance combined with the freedom to enjoy the things you love. To be able to lock up and go with proximity to the activities you love nearby is what makes Vancouver Island condo living unique and desirable. 

Social Connections: Living in a condo development can prevent the feeling of social isolation you might experience in a single-family home. Living close to your neighbours and sharing common spaces can build stronger social bonds and provide a sense of security. 

Expenses are shared among homeowners: Your monthly strata fee will cover any building, yard and exterior maintenance, leaving you with more time to focus on your lifestyle, bringing an element of simplicity to life. A monthly strata fee typically includes items like building maintenance, landscaping, water, garbage and recycling.

Proximity to urban centres and amenities: One of the benefits of condo living is community connections, and there is no better place to experience that than in an urban community.

Urban Living on Central Vancouver Island

Due to population increases, Central Vancouver Island communities are beginning to see skyward growth and investment in their downtown centres. Nanaimo specifically has seen an influx of condo developments as a result of a growing population. The city’s central location and accessible waterfront and mountain access make Nanaimo a unique and attractive community. Bordering the heart of Downtown Nanaimo is the historic south-end community and home to an up-and-coming urban centre, the Harbourview District. 

The Harbourview District will evolve into a vibrant community with landscaped walkways, roadways to accommodate bike lanes, coffee shops, boutiques, and public art. Over the next five years, Parkshore Projects plans to bring 280 homes to the district, made up of multiple mid-rise condo developments linked by green space, defining the Harbourview District as an urban community centre unlike any other in Nanaimo.